Animal Tracking

Colin Patrick Training offers Tracking courses that introduces people to the wonderful world of tracking. These courses are designed to be of benefit to the novice tracker and yet at the same time to fine tune the skills of an experienced tracker.


Walking Trails/Safaris

Walking safaris are conducted by Colin Patrick in some of Africa's most pristine wilderness areas. The emphasis is on low impact. (Leave only tracks) back pack trails. A max of 8 people are taken per trail.


Specialist Guide Training

Specialist guide training involves the up skilling of guides to be able to effectively guide guests in the African wilderness where potential dangerous game occur.   


Colin Patrick Training

Colin has been involved in the conservation industry for over 20 years and during this time has qualified as a Professional hunter and Guide in South Africa.










Colin Patrick Training strives to provide quality training of a high standard that can be of value to individuals and organisations and ultimately further develop the skill of tracking. - cell no: +27 (0)76 8133475
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I have found the tracking course to be one of the most beneficial courses to my career as a guide. The insight's gained and the broadening of one's understanding of animal behaviour is amazing! - Sean Pattrick, Natural Exposure Photography

"Colin's presentation is both captivating, motivational and entertaining. I would not hesitate to recommend both Colin and his advanced training to any Private Sector or Government. Rangers Survival Craft have been extremely impressed, and as the Director of Training I have discussed at length with our American Director my admiration for Colin." - Marcus Hargreaves, Italy


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